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        Spring is Coming.
        This Seasonal event inspires many to clean out their garages, attics, closets, spare rooms and generally clean up their world.
        Does it do it to you?

        What do you think about this…??

        We hold a Members Only Swap Meet on a Thursday or Friday night.
        We could put out anything we want to get rid of and are willing to donate.

        Of course there would be a Potluck.
        Potlatches are fun, too. 

        The next day we hold a regular greater Community yard sale and sell spaces to non-members.
        It’s not going to build the Village, but it might get us down the road another month or two.

        Anything we do is going to require “facilities”.
        ADA portapotties run about $150 a month.  (The cost is in pu and del)
        Of course we could build another outhouse, but we do need this as an interim for any outside activities.
        Honey Trucks are a solution.  Need to check into the requirements for RV Parks/campgrounds or festival grounds.
        Do we need to get a license to have a yard sale in Orange Co?

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        Lisa Berley

          We do need to figure out what to do about more facilities.

          In this particular case, I will say that when I go to yard I do not expect there will be bath room facilities.

          I think a yard sale is a good idea. What about having it at the Efland Cheeks Community Center Picnic Shelter and do it jointly with the community group United Voices of Efland Cheeks. It is a nice big shelter and we could hand out marketing materials about CGEV. There is parking and easy to find.

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            That could work.
            Do they allow sales at the Community Center?

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