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        Unit Mix is important in consideration of our current demographics.
        It seems there are more singles wanting studios, than there are couples or families.
        A 4-6 Bedroom house with 3-6 Bathrooms and a shared kitchen would be much more affordable than individual units.
        This should be considered as part of a possible affordability solution.
        Take a look at a Cost Analyzer I created that shows different costs and combination of units. Play with it. Any of the Yellow Cells you can change.
        Cost Analyzer

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        Vivian Peralta-Mesa

          Hello Shells,

          Thank you for this incredible Cost Analyzer you put together. I was looking at it today. Wow! Lots of good financial information we need. Very detailed. Very helpful in calculating options. Appreciate the hard work to prepare it!



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          Becky Laskody

            Thanks for creating this spreadsheet!
            Can you add a 5 bedroom house for singles to share for an example of an alternative to the Plan A unit mix?

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              Yes! 5/5 BR/Ba houses should be a lot cheaper to build than 5 1/1s.

              For older people, this could fit into a model of “continuing care” when people need cooking and cleaning support, and could together hire someone to provide those services. This could also provide employment opportunity within the community for care-givers. (TJ)

              “CCRC” Pods where Seniors could participate in the booming gardening trends that Covid brought us. Over half the US population now gardens and many Senior living centers offer gardening as an activity. Our aging Membership could actually offer a lot of hands to play in the dirt. Once in residence.
              Universal Design (UD) features as a baseline.

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