Features and financial estimates

Below is a spreadsheet that combines in one matrix the features, suitability, and estimated financial information for all ten of the currently-planned residential Living Options.

Most of you know that we’ve been reluctant to share cost figures very widely. The reason is that there are many unknowns, or undecided matters, that affect costs, so that any number we offer have to be taken as estimates. Details of the loan we are seeking, costs of materials, community decisions about how collective costs will be distributed across residents, and a dozen other factors are yet to be nailed down. (As an example, wood prices went through the ceiling last summer, seriously affecting barn costs, and are only coming down slowly.) Yet there is a natural tendency to treat numbers as hard and fast, and to forget the uncertainties. So we need to emphatically say that we can offer these cost estimates very much only as estimates.

Did we mention that these are only estimates? Part of our work over the next months will be to gradually reduce the uncertainties and decide the undecided matters.  These numbers will almost certainly change. We will do our best to keep these estimates updated… and of course to keep the costs as affordable as we can consistent with everything else we are trying to achieve (as an example, we are working on an arrangement with a local sawyer to source wood for village construction in a more price-stable and fair way). Feedback is always very welcome, as well as your understanding and support in this difficult and ongoing work.

Here’s the matrix (click to enlarge):