Common Ground Ecovillage is a growing intentional community with a deep commitment to both environmental and social justice. We focus on cooperative living and regenerative agriculture and forestry. Guided by the principles of sociocracy, and located on 100+ acres of meadow and woodland, our goal is to develop a space where we can provide for ourselves and our families while giving back to the land and the larger communities that sustain us. It will be a rural village; a close community with space to roam for folks of all ages and walks of life.

Land Acknowledgement

We are here today at Common Ground on the western edge of the Neuse River basin in the Piedmont of what is now known as North Carolina. The pond on this land flows into a stream, which flows into a creek on the eastern boundary, which flows into the Eno River. We acknowledge and offer gratitude for all the waters on, below, and above this landscape.

We are on land that is home to the Saponi, Eno, Tutelo, Shakori, and Occaneechi native peoples. This land was never sold by these indigenous peoples and was not willingly vacated. We feel great sorrow about this. We acknowledge and pay deep respect to the Indigenous people, past and present, who call this land home.

In the years since this land was first put into private ownership, colonists, enslaved peoples, and the descendants of both have lived and worked here. We acknowledge the complex history and systems of oppression that have given us the privilege of being here on this land today.

We acknowledge, as equals, all of the beings who co-create the tapestry of life here on this land. The plants: from the smallest “weed” to the big Grandmother Oak. The animals: ones who fly, swim, run, and crawl. The fungi: breaking it down! The soil beings: creating vitality and helping food grow. And all the other beings not mentioned here, seen and unseen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The land is sacred. We acknowledge the land as a sovereign being. We accept the responsibilities of reciprocity that come with the gift of being here. May we nurture our relationship to this place with reverence, compassion, and care.

Check out this month’s Almanac (newsletter) for a current snapshot of what we’re up to and what’s coming!

Community celebrations, music, movement, and meals. Shared work on the land. Creativity. Opportunities to produce much of our own food, fiber, and energy. These are all part of our vision. We also recognize, however, that alongside healing the land, we must address the inequities and injustices that have limited access to land and inclusive community for far too long. (Please see our community guidelines, which include our anti-racism and inclusivity principles and intentions [4, 10, 23, 28] for more on this important work.)

Community features will include:
▪ A cooperatively-owned and compact village offering 30-45 flexible homes
▪ A common house for shared meals and celebrations
▪ 112 beautiful acres including gardens and orchard, meadows and pasture, streams and pond, and woodlands with hiking trails
▪ Less than 30 minutes from the vibrant metro areas of Durham, Chapel Hill, and Greensboro
▪ On-site renewables, efficient natural buildings, and a car-free village center

We are actively seeking new members. Please get in touch if you could see yourself as part of this shared vision. We have not built new homes yet.

pond depth measurement

Read more about our inspiring vision, dedicated people, spacious land, the farm, and the village design.

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We have monthly land tours on the land. Write to us for details about the next one.

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