Circle groups

Common Ground Ecovillage is self-governed by “circles,” semi‐autonomous working groups which have been formed based on the overall organizational and governance needs.

    • A circle is a group with a common domain and aim where members make decisions and carry out tasks within an agreed-upon framework.
    • All members have equivalent voices and decide policy and priorities within their domain and aims.
    • Circles are linked together in a way that promotes a free flow of information and influence throughout our community. 
    • The General Circle is the policy-making group for Common Ground Ecovillage.  It is comprised of 2 leaders from each of our four Circles.

A great way to get involved in Common Ground Ecovillage is to start participating in one or more Functional Circles:

Membership: develop and manage the membership structure and process, work to cultivate and sustain a welcoming, informed, connected, and well-functioning community; Cultivate a diverse membership with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, religion, abilities and skill sets.  Provide encouragement, guidance, feedback, and discernment to members throughout the membership process 


Land Stewardship: attend to, advocate for, and manage the integrity and health of the living land in harmony with the Common Ground Ecovillage community’s activities. Plan and oversee construction and maintenance of trails and other land improvements, and farm-and land-related buildings.  Regularly organize tours and work days to foster connection with the land and carry out tasks such as gardening and trail building.

Planning and Development: Lead the process of conceptualizing, planning, engineering, developing, and constructing an integrated built and natural environment according to Common Ground’s Principles and Intentions.  Develop and manage community financial and legal structures, agreements, and financing to enable the timely construction of the village housing cooperative.


Governance & Training:  Provide oversight, coordination, and training for Common Ground Ecovillage’s governance, collaborative culture, general administration and community event needs, monitor application and practice at all levels of community governance, and consult with members/circles as needed. Develop processes, capacity, and trust with which to address community relations and/or conflict