Land Stewardship Circle Domain & Aims


Attend to, advocate for, and manage the integrity and health of the living land in harmony with the Common Ground Ecovillage community’s activities.


  • Oversee land-related activities, such as regular workdays, with the restoration and long-term vitality of the land foremost in mind
  • Monitor the health and vitality of the land, practicing open attentiveness to its condition and initiating and maintaining ecological surveys, soil testing, etc. as needed
  • Organize and oversee necessary maintenance and long-term restoration of the Common Ground Ecovillage soil, wood lots, pond and creek
  • Plan and oversee construction and maintenance of trails and other land improvements, and farm- and land-related buildings, in coordination with PDD as necessary
  • Identify and prioritize needs relating to land projects and prepare annual budget to submit to the Finance and Legal Circle
  • Coordinate land-related activities with attentiveness to the needs of our immediate neighbors
  • Oversee and monitor visitors’ activities on the land