December 5th Workday

Two major events made Hart’s Mill history today – the first workday on the land after HM gained County approval for our RezoningPlan. One was the burning of the old Vincent home on the property we acquired to gain state road access to Frazier Road. The Efland Fire Department was out in force for training! In the coming weeks we will see to the clearing of the foundations, but it is already possible to visualize the path of the new road that will someday be our main entrance. The other major event was the beginning of blazing the main road and walking paths of the village in the fields and woods edges, with mowers and clearers following behind the markers. These will become our main paths on the land next year: we’ll actually be able to visualize how the village will lay out. Today two marking crews got about three-quarters of the way around the two main routes. Clearing went slower — it would help if more of the mowers and weedwhackers worked 🙂 —  but we got a good running start. The day was rounded out with lunch, tours, and other tasks such as continuing Tree of Heaven removal. Thanks to all who showed up in a day that started out very cold and ended pleasantly balmy! Community at work!

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