To Market, To Market…

by Margret Mueller
How time flies! Only a few short weeks ago I posted the story of the Community Farm Initiative’s first planting day (see “Community Farming Initiative Gets Off the Ground,” posted March 24th).  And yesterday, Jeffry and I took the farm teams’ first produce to market!
I am happy to report that all items were enthused over and sold out, resulting in Hart’s Mill’s first small step toward repaying our farm loan.
Still to come: more greens, small potatoes, big beets, Gladioli, and more!

Marilyn cut about three dozen of the mini pac-choi, which we made into bundles of three or four plants.

Paul and Anthony pulled lots of small beet plants, which were too crowded and needed thinning.

These were rinsed and bundled and sold as mixed-color bunches of super-tender baby beet greens

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