August Trail Day Report (and a fun way to still help)

By Anthony Weston

On Sunday August 4th, a high-spirited band of workers gathered at the crack of dawn (OK, 9am) for a work session dedicated to trail maintenance and improvement.  George, Lisa, Randy, Hope, Paul, Amy, Mir, and Anthony started in the most challenging place and cleared the Pond Loop trail, which took continuous lopping, weed-whacking, tripper- and fallen-tree removal, and more. 

Reconvening at the far side of the dam, we moseyed along the south side of the Village Loop Trail over to McGowan Creek Loop, clearing as needed as well as enjoying some lovely spiderwebs still decked in morning dew.  We took a break to admire a box turtle who turned up in the path. 


Then we treated ourselves to a quick romp around the Far Loop — it still needs work, but it is easily passable — and then finished off the McGowan Creek Loop before retreating to the Pavilion for a convivial potluck lunch. 

Many thanks to all who took part. At lunch we also got a look at the new trail map being prepared by Lauren Lintz for her NCSU MA project. A  few final edits and it will be ready. 

Now, for those of you who (we know) desperately wanted to join the trail work but for whatever reason couldn’t make it, a final note. Absolutely the best way to help maintain the trails is to USE THEM! So the upshot is that you can still help!  Come out and walk the trails — Lauren’s map will be available on the HM website (my earlier version is up now) with hard copies at the pavilion and Hart’s Nest as well, and you can always call me or Hope (or Paul or Jeffry or Margret).  Or just explore!  There are many loop options, from brief saunters around the pond to several-mile adventures if you do all the Loops. Most of the trails are run-able as well. Come out and really see the land!  Sights like this abound. 





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