Opulent October Calendar and Newsletter

You want to contribute to something positive in the world?  Show up at Common Ground Ecovillage.  The October Calendar lists a dazzling variety of ways to engage:

  • Develop knowledge and intimacy with the land through our *NEW* Simpler Living: Earth Skills Sundays with Gumby Montomery.  This month we’ll meet medicinal and edible plants
  • Get to know each other through a Meet and Greet Zoom evening and a Halloween Harvest Festival on the land
  • Build a barn–hammer, saw, paint, run errands, bring cookies…there’s a place for you
  • Wrap your head and heart around cooperative culture and governance skills at our semi-annual training via Zoom
  • Tend the crops and mow the fields
  • Come to Circle meetings to co-create our village, help with marketing and fundraising, plan community gatherings, and much more

Click this link and read all about it: http://www.commonground.eco/opulent-october-calendar-2020

Common Ground welcomes you.  See you in October!

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