Nourishing November Calendar and Newsletter


Neither rain, nor hurricane Zeta, nor upcoming elections will dampen our spirits or keep this calendar out of the mail.  (Okay, it’s a day late because we lost power at the Nest.)  Here’s a link: Or, visit the Calendar and Newsletter page on our website. 

What a week!  The blue moon Halloween Harvest Festival, a week on natural building at the barn by students from Iowa (hoping to send a blog post soon), and a Cooperative Skills & Governance training.  Wow!  Oh, and by the way the Common Ground Ecovillage wastewater permit has finally been approved.  Whew!

You are invited to come on over to the land to restore and re-balance your energy.  Join us for a Gathering of Gratitude and Goodies on November 26.  “Dial” into the many Zoom meetings and events offered.  All of us are needed to bring more beauty and healing to this world, as we are willing and able.

With November peace, Common Ground Ecovillage

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