Cob Workdays

We’ll be spending three weekends in April (8/9, 22/23, 29/30) working on the new small cob building.  Hands on work will focus on mixing and applying cob for the walls and interior features.  Ample time will also be included to learn more about both natural building. The workshops are being designed not only to get support with this building project but also to grow the local natural building vibe and community.  

To support the project/Common Ground and Mud Dauber School, participants are invited but not required to make a financial contribution.  Donations are gratefully accepted for those not able to participate.  A perk of participating or donating  will be the ability to use the building for a personal retreat  once the building is finished.  

Directions and other details (what to bring, flow of the day, contact info, rain day plans, perks for helping out, etc) will be provided to registrants/donors.