Membership & Marketing Circle Domain & Aims


Conceptualize, codify, and coordinate the membership structure and process, and work to create and sustain a welcoming, connected, and well-functioning community


  • Define, codify, and evaluate membership materials, processes, and policies
  • Define, codify, and evaluate rights and responsibilities of members, including financial, work, and participation expectations
  • Attract and cultivate a diverse membership with respect to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, social class, religion, and also skill sets.
  • Orient new members to Common Ground Ecovillage values, agreements, culture, and governance, coordinating with Governance & Training as needed
  • Provide encouragement, guidance, feedback, and discernment to members throughout the full cycle of the membership process
  • Manage and maintain membership platforms, lists and records, including entry and application dates, skills available, etc., and set up new members in OnlyOffice and the RiseUp ListServ
  • Support and guide recruitment activities and outreach to those potentially interested in Common Ground Ecovillage, identifying appropriate avenues, methods, and events for promoting Hart’s Mill, and recruiting participation among the membership to assist with implementation.
  • Oversee website updating, development and upkeep