(Un)covering Ground at the December Work Day

  by Anthony Weston

our-mighty-crewDecember 3rd’s workday began before lunch on a sunny and brisk day. Paul was cutting firewood early on; Anthony arrived before lunch to set up the new loo; Charles and Christina soon arrived with their two-year-old grandson Jaxon; then Vanessa and Lizel, Hope, Julie, Margret, Randy, Rita, and HM old-timer Christian along with his daughter Alison all showed up to general acclaim. Lots of good food!

lizel-and-vanessa-1christian-and-his-daughter-alisonAfter lunch we split anthony-and-the-pv-delightinto christina-and-jaxon-under-the-oakwork groups, three people to mark off the western half of the village path on the new site plan, afterwards joining the rest in cutting and removing the overgrown saplings in the Far Field that were blocking or slowing down the mowing Jeffry has been doing. Jeffry soon brought over the tractor and he and Anthony shared mowing until about 4:30, while everyone else cut and pulled out small pine trees — some so nice that they took them home for Xmas trees, or to put out for others to take. 



Then, bonfire back at the Fire Circle as the cold grew sharp again, and a few of us remained for dinner and a stay-over. Much accomplished, many thanks to all!enjoying-a-warm-fire


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