All in an April Day’s Work

by Anthony Weston, April 15, 2017

A lovely mid-Spring afternoon welcomed an even more lovely and energetic group of workers and tour-ers for our April workday. After a potluck lunch at the Cedar Pavilion, a crew led by Paul and Donna and anchored by six (!) Witchgers with partners, along with others, pulled out the piping to the garden, got it un-kinked and into place, as well as helping clear better tractor access to the shed.

With a few new fittings, stored rainwater will be available again at the garden as well as Jeffry’s and Margret’s new field. Meanwhile, with a strong head start from Jeffrey and then Anthony on Big Red, and with Margret, Debby, and others clearing at the edges, we got nearly the whole West Meadow mowed in anticipation of producing a good crop of hay as we bring the land into agricultural use.

Rita and Mir began marking trail hazards in preparation for clearing work and to make them safer for walkers and runners. Charles and Christina got a lovely swing mounted on our grand central tree. Some of us ended the day with a cooking fire and camp out, with Jupiter and even Saturn and Moon viewing at 3:00am!  (Sunset photo by Joe Cole)

As always, thanks to everyone. Community continues to grow around and with the land!


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