Striking it rich (from a cobber’s perspective)

Yesterday the walls of Cob Haven grew another foot or two, a notable outcome given the seasonably warm and somewhat muggy early July weather.  Cob Haven itself provided some respite with the growing amount of thermal mass and now complete roof. Greg, Matt, Geri, Chris, Randy, Anika, Amy (#2), and Joe all chipped in (apologies if I missed anyone during the little buzzes of activity).  Matt hit a vein of really nice clay in the future root cellar which contributed to what was generally regarded as the best cob yet, and no doubt to what appeared to be the most cob applied in a single day so far-even surpassing the day with mortar mixer assistance. Headers were put in over the windows and door, along with wine bottle windows. 

Good news: the moist spot in the straw bale wall (a remnant from when the tarp rain protection failed before the roof was up) seems to have dried out and should be good to go for the long haul.  Another, and possibly/hopefully last day of cob wall work (possibly some living roof work, too) is scheduled for July 15th (all welcome, RSVP appreciated but not essential). After this there will be a lull to let the cob dry and for me to take an August vacation). 

After that, a work/play weekend is tentatively scheduled for September 2nd and 3rd (maybe 4th, too?) to plaster the exterior and interior walls and paint the windows and door, maybe more depending on who shows up and what wants to happen. If this sounds appealing, pencil it in; more details forthcoming in a few weeks.

The home stretch approacheth!

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