Fresh February Almanac

Another world if not only possible, she is on her way.  On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing. —Arundhati Roy

Fresh February Almanac

Dear Friends,

Can you sense it?  It’s mid-Winter and all is not what it seems to be.  Beneath the soggy leaf litter, within the tight buds, and above the bare-branched trees, the natural world is aquiver.  Sensing the weather, feeling the sunlight, drinking the rain, and waiting until the conditions are right to awaken and emerge into a fresh incarnation.  Already there are signs of change.  Red maple buds are swelling, hawks are flying in pairs, and garden seeds are being sown in readiness for Spring. 

But it is not here yet.  This season calls for patience.  For full appreciation of what is, though it is not what we could wish.  For waiting attentively without complaint until forces align to support action.  For listening deeply to the pulse of life, dancing in concert with wants to happen next. 

At Common Ground, this is a time to turn towards each other and birth within our relationships the world as we wish it to be.  This Almanac is bursting with possibilities for such joyous engagement and purposeful work.  Let’s challenge ourselves and each other to shift out of our winter modes and emerge into the circle of community that is growing here.  The time is always right for this. 

See you at Common Ground.  

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