Janus January 2023 Almanac & 2022 Reflections

Janus January Almanac

Dear Friends,

January takes its name from Janus, the Roman god of endings, beginnings, transitions, and passageways.  It’s a time to take stock of where we’ve been and open gateways to future possibilities.  This hefty Almanac offers a rich tapestry of reflections on 2022 describing our achievements, the challenges we face, the ways we’ve learned and grown, how we’re connected in a myriad of ways, and what it all means to us. 

There’s a special feature this month: some members have shared personal stories about their experiences with Common Ground Ecovillage.  Farmer Doug Jones even wrote an inspired poem about what community means to him.  Peppered with pictures, these pages can be found below the newsletter portion.  We hope they will warm your heart. 

As we open into a new year and face an unknown future, it’s vital to celebrate who we’ve become and remember why we are so committed to each other and to this ecovillage vision.  You are invited to curl up with a yummy beverage and drink it all in. 

Happy New Year, and see you at Common Ground!


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