Magnetic March 2023 Almanac

Dear friends, 

Spring is a season of emergence and unfolding.  That which has been hidden behind winter’s grey cloak is flashing out in bright hues and pulsing song; strong winds and soaring flight.  All around us the natural world is awakening, stretching, tumbling, and bursting out of its winter bonds.  We humans, no less that the trees, birds, and frogs, can’t help but respond to the pull of Spring’s sun as it rises higher in the sky, bringing more light and energy to all that lives, breaths, and grows. 

At Common Ground Ecovillage, we’re coming out of a period of pausing and we expect to be making some decisions in the next few weeks; possibly even shifting course depending upon what we learn from contractors and funding agencies. The land and the vision continue to strongly beckon and our members are staying connected, cultivating gardens of plants and purpose in concert with one another. 

It’s important to hear the voices of our members as we work through what’s ahead.  In this Almanac, you will find much to do, enjoy, and contribute to what matters most.  We hope you’ll feel the magnetic pull of this Ecovillage vision and come join in the dance of creative emergence.  May we all be richly nourished by the depth of our dreams as they rise into our lives as sweet sap this Spring.

See you at Common Ground

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