Genial June 2023 Almanac

Genial June Almanac

Dear friends, 

June marks the transition from Spring to Summer.   The Sun, the source and substance of life itself, is high overhead, beckoning us to expand, to engage with life’s abundance, and above all, to keep going.  The Sun never goes backwards in the sky.  She burns just as fully and fiercely every single day with no thought of return, freely flinging her fiery substance into the vast darkness and magnetizing heavenly bodies eons away to join in her stellar dance. 

At Common Ground, we continue to blaze trails in our quest to fully establish an agrarian ecovillage.  In this Almanac, you’ll find ways to deepen your relationships with each other and the land while marveling at all that is going on here.  The Farm is expanding, providing fresh and nourishing food to a growing customer base.*  We’ve fully pivoted to a new strategy (CGEV 2.0) to create a residential village.  New frontiers in land management are emerging as we explore conservation opportunities for our woods and waterways.

It’s a very dynamic time, full of possibilities.  But they won’t happen without dedicated members who are committed to doing the work—inner and outer and in-between—with fierceness and compassion, imagination and practicality, love and expectation that we can birth a more beautiful world together. 

We beings are solar powered and we’re made to shine, burning brightly so that our destiny may find and form around us, just as the planets circle the Sun. 

Come join the dance at Common Ground.

*Visit to join this fantastic CSA

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