Mighty May Almanac

Mighty May Almanac

Dear friends,

We’re halfway to the Summer Solstice and everything, everywhere is exploding with fertility, new growth, and sparkling aliveness in North Carolina.  We have gotten through the eye of Spring’s needle.  The specter of withering night-time freezes has faded.  The trees have leafed out, grasses are climbing high, and sunlight and rain are catalyzing Summer’s chemistry of abundant invention. 

And invent we are, at Common Ground.  A new direction is arising as a prior one  fades, channeling similar forces of vision and cooperation, land-based living and sustainability. Curious?  Read what we know so far in the Almanac.  And if this abiding commitment to growing an agrarian ecovillage resonates with you, take in the many ways to engage.  Better yet, step forward and join the dance.     

The energy and astounding fertility of May offers an invitation to slip onto the flowing stream and trust that the intelligence of life itself will carry us to create, nourish, and hatch the dreams that have materialized out of the Mystery and fallen into our hands to actualize.  

See you at Common Ground

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