Fruitful February 2024 Almanc

Fruitful February 2024 Almanac

Dear Friends,

Spring is coming.  Though it’s yet mid-winter, Earth is waking from her winter somnolence and quickening the ever-ready forces of Nature.  Daylight, which bottomed out just six weeks ago at the Winter Solstice, is rising with the returning sun, like a glowing magnet high in the sky that pulls all of creation up along with her.  Whatever else is happening in the human world, we cannot fetter this great and fierce force that will soon animate all that appears dead to us, but is really simply resting under hushed brown and grey veils.   

Common Ground has been planting seeds of vision, creativity, and endeavor for many years now.  We cannot know for certain what will come of all we have sown.  But we know for sure that we will keep tending this dream and keep responding to what we’re learning.  This Almanac is an invitation to you to join us in this beautiful experiment.  

Spring is coming, revealing wonders, surprises and delights every day.  Let’s go through this gateway together. 

See you at Common Ground.

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