May the Forest be With You (and You with the Forest)

Last month, Paul loaned me this book, which has provided the latest fodder for a many month long contemplation on how to best serve the Harts Mill forest (and people).  It’s a great read and a helpful guide for me as I embark on a couple year effort that will mostly entail, in the forestry profession’s lingo, a “thinning” of parts of the forest.  While it’s beyond the scope of this post to delve too deeply into either my own contemplation or the nitty gritty of what the Land Stewardship Circle has been chewing on, there is a previous post that has some additional background and details. Most importantly, there will be ample opportunity for any and all to a) help care for the forest; b) spend time on the land; and            c) support Harts Mill’s agrarian vision.  The work/play will start on the afternoons of November 17th and 18th.  Stay tuned, come on out, and contact Land Stewardship to learn more.

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