Saint Patrick’s Day: The Planting o’ the Green

Written by Margret

On March 17, a group of Hart’s Millers gathered on the land to celebrate a unique version of St. Paddy’s Day. Though both potatoes and the color green  were involved  (but sadly, no beer), the theme of the day was decidedly not Irish!

  Jeffry and Margret led a team of volunteers in planting several hundred starts of broccoli, kohlrabi, cauliflower, and red and green cabbages. These seedlings had been incubating on racks of donated Gro-lights in the garage at Hart’s Nest and were more than ready to be set out. Tain, Paul, Marilyn and Margret were on the planting team. Jeffry watered the new “greens” manually via a hose from the tractor shed rain-water reservoir. We will be relying on this plus rainfall until the new farm well (yes, we now have a well!) has a source of power.

  Next on the agenda was cutting up and setting out one hundred pounds of potatoes into pre-dug furrows. Amy, Lisa, and Jae joined us for this activity, and we now have eight long rows of Red Norland and Yukon Gold potatoes.

   All of this was accomplished in three pleasant hours. The cool, cloudy weather was ideal for new transplants and hard workers alike. Much gratitude to our helpers—it takes a community!

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