Community Farming Initiative Gets Off the Ground!

by Margret Mueller

Er…on the ground? …in the ground?

However you characterize it, Saturday, March 16 was an unqualified success. Despite a last-minute panic on Friday, when it rained heavily–yet again!–Hart’s Mill’s initial foray into community involvement on the farm was full of laughter, thoughtful negotiations, and diligent work.  Neither the day nor the newly-prepared planting beds could have been more beautiful. Under the guidance of Jeffry and Margret (a.k.a. Seeing Stars Farm), nine new and seasoned Hart’s Millers set right to work, with the specific goal of raising funds to defray our Angel Donor farm loan.  

In a spirit of playfulness, both teams have whimsical names.  The Potato Heads learned how to cut up large potatoes so that each chunk had one or more eyes. Furrows were dug; three varieties of potatoes set in place and covered with soil. These spuds will be dug early, and sold as containers of tiny mixed red, white, and blue gems.


Meanwhile, team two, The Glad Rads, which includes the Gladiolus Gladiators and the Beet Beat, were digging furrows for gladiolus corms. We now have one 95-foot row of future glads and Asian lilies! Having flowers on the farm will be such a treat. The team’s next long row consists of multiple varieties of beets; the idea being to bring eye-catching multicolored bunches to market.

I’m seeing a theme here; color!


Meanwhile Jeffry and I moved on to our own work, while remaining available for any team questions. It was such fun catching snatches of distant banter and watching young John Michael rove around taking on small tasks here and there. Before long, here came Anthony, racing along the farm perimeter, pushing John Michael in a wheelbarrow! It would be hard to say which of the two was having more fun.


Work wrapped up around 4 p.m., with plans to meet again soon. In a week the cilantro and some Asian greens will be direct-seeded, with more greens, basil, and parsnips to follow as the season progresses.

Please stop by anytime and see what’s up on the farm!

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