Into the Trees!

By Anthony Weston

Gaius, Bailey, and I are pleased to announce that the treehouse is now finished and open for business.  Please come and visit!  You’ll find it upslope from where the Dam Loop Trail and the trail to the Hartery and Hart’s Nest crosses the little creek that flows out of the pond.  It’s a triangular cedar platform in the trees, not too high, with a ladder on the low side, a rope ladder, pirate-style, on another, and a bench up top to keep lookout or read a book. It’s for kids—bigger people will notice that the ladders and the bench are a little smaller than you might expect.  But it’s comfortable for adults too, and you are welcome to come on up (but let’s say only up to two adults on the platform at any one time, and one on the rope ladder, please!).

You might also be interested to know that no trees were harmed in the mounting of this treehouse. There are no nails or screws or anything else into the trees; it’s held up by pressure alone.

We hope to develop the slope and creekside right around the treehouse as a Play Area. Already there is a hammock, thanks to Bailey, and a little loop trail around the area, thanks to Gaius. 

Other ideas mentioned for the Play Area/Creek Crossing include: a bridge upgrade (planned); a zipline down the slope (does anyone out there know how to build ziplines?); and a (stone) amphitheater. Stay tuned!  Your ideas—and good energies for helping to realize them—would be very welcome!


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