Flowing February Calendar & Newsletter

This is a repeat of the calendar sent on January 31 through our ListServ.  Apologies for the late posting!

February is a time to look at sobering truths together while strengthening our connections with each other and the land:

  • We’re reaching out to all members this month to come to a gathering on Saturday, February 6, 2:00-4:30 via Zoom, where we’ll discuss  the state of Common Ground.  The object is to pool our knowledge, identify gaps, and catalyze the commitment and creativity of our members to navigate through this tricky time.
  • How can we more deeply connect with and support each other?  Come to a Heart Sharing Circle on February 14th and the Meet and Greet on the 10th. 
  • Needing some open space and fresh air?  Come to the land to take walks, help out on the farm or barn, or learn to make mats out of the broom sedge on the 21st.  
  • What do you need from Common Ground Ecovillage and what are you inspired to offer?  The Last Saturday gathering on the 27th is all about YOU.

It’s all laid out and displayed here: https://www.commonground.eco/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Flowing-February-2021-calendar.pdf

February is a short month.  We invite you to get in the flow and RSVP NOW for the Circle meeting and events that interest you.  

You are welcome at Common Ground. 

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