Gentle January 2021 Calendar and Retrospective

Photo by Doug Jones

Dear friends,

Amidst the danger, sorrow, and uncertainty of this past year, Common Ground Ecovillage members have found strength, solace, and meaning from engagement with the land, from the connections nourished between us through shared values and aspirations, and from a grand project–the barn–which has mobilized so many of us to create a multi-purpose community haven.  Looking back, it’s remarkable all that has transpired during a year when we met only via zoom, sprinkled with a few special occasions on the land.  The full calendar/retrospective link and a recurring NEW Google Calendar link (courtesy of Ren Enberg) can be found below. 

The calendar includes a 2020 retrospective in addition to five pages of photos celebrating sweet moments and documenting the ambitious pole barn construction process.  Though not yet quite completed, it’s already serving the community in crucial ways.  It’s amazing that it’s been built largely by a small team of men with an average age of 72!  Kudos and endless gratitude goes to George, Anthony, Paul, and Jeffry, along with invaluable help from many others who brought strong backs, winning attitudes and graceful endurance to the task. 

Have we achieved all we hoped in this past year?  Are we where we hoped to be by this time?  No.  But wherever we are, whatever has or has not happened, there is much to celebrate and commend about our efforts to grow and manifest our big vision.  We have touched many lives and made a positive mark in our local community and beyond.  As this season dissolves into the alchemical brew which births new life, know that out of our unknowing may come the most profound guidance and direction ever. 

May the silvered flickerings in our hearts join together in an ever-creative fire, sparked with love,

The Governance & Training Circle

Calendar + photo spreads:
Google Calendar:

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