Magnetic May Calendar & Call to Action!

Dear friends, 

We greet this May with tremendous excitement to be proceeding full steam ahead with Village development!  It is HUGELY gratifying to be at this point.  And, the tasks ahead will take a village to achieve.  CGEV is now clanging the bell, calling all who wish to live here—and can contribute to make it possible—to come on in. 

This calendar/newsletter* is packed with information and events that will open doors for you to engage and build this community on all levels.  STEP ONE is to fill out and return by May 15 a pre-reservation survey** letting us know your intentions and situation.  If you missed the Last Saturday on April 24 and want to get up to speed with new developments, click here*** for a recording. 

Above all, be in touch. Contact our leaders with both your queries and your offerings. Village development is a vital—but not the only—stage in building community, by far. It’s so essential and life-giving to get to know each other and the land; to grow the skills we’ll need to live together in justice and harmony; to be a part of a cooperative culture cultivating a regenerative future.

We hope you’ll step in and help bring us all home,

CGEV Community

**Pre-reservation survey:
*** April 24 Last Saturday recording:

Photo above of Seeing Stars Farm Strawberries by Margret

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