Musical March Calendar & Newsletter

Birds singing, frogs croaking, water burbling, breezes whispering…  After Winter’s hush, the music of Spring beckons, urging us to join in the dance of life returning and inspiring us to tune into the seeds within that crave tending as the days lengthen.  Chances are you’ll see something in this Calendar of Events* that offers you nourishment, meaning, connection, joy, creativity, learning, and more. 

The vision we are cultivating here matters.  In case you haven’t heard, many CGEV members and friends helped to prevent the Texas company, Buc-ee’s, from developing the largest gas station in the world on a protected watershed in Efland just three miles down the highway from this Ecovillage.   This outcome is a victory for sustainable development in Orange County (though it leaves the call for jobs for local residents and tax revenue for schools and infrastructure unaddressed).  Our voices mattered, and thank you to all who spoke up, sent letters, contributed, or otherwise supported this process and outcome.

So catch the energy of Spring and respond to what calls to you in this Calendar.  We look forward to hearing your song!

*Here’s the link:


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