Jammy June Calendar & Newsletter

It was a chilly, rainy Memorial Day weekend, but our spirits soared as we gathered to work on finishing our magnificent barn.  Today’s main project was prepping and applying slip straw insulation to some remaining walls.  Some, like Theresa, pitched in to the elbows and got busy.  Others went to the far corners of the land to work on clearing some trails and forging others.  Still others worked in the garden and helped prep farmer Doug’s weekly CSA.  And it all came to a close with a fabulous potluck and a music jam at the fire drum circle…

Though the Calendar* highlights this event with photo spreads at the end, there is some really terrific news about financing our pre-development costs.  There are myriad ways to get to know each other, in person and via zoom.  We’re offering THREE WAYS TO PLAY on Summer Solstice Sunday, and many other activities continue as we draw closer to actualizing our agrarian ecovillage. 

There’s a whole lotta good going on and we have a long way to go on many diverse and complex fronts. There’s something for everyone. We hope you’ll be moved to bring your gifts, dive in and get into the swim.

See you at Common Ground Ecovillage!



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