Of Farming and Fellowship: September Story

by Lara Struckman

As sweet September rolls in on the crisp autumnal breeze, I am beginning to reflect on the rich relationships this community has offered to me. I think about my intentions from the beginning of my internship some three and half months ago and so much has changed. My body has begun to cycle with the seasons, waking earlier with the sun, craving sleep as the darkness descends (despite continuing to stay up too late watching the stars). I survived the summer heat with no AC in the loft of the barn with no problem–I’d say I actually came to embrace and enjoy the sunshine as well as the reprieve of the nearby trails and pond. 

In between and in the midst of my farm workdays, trail meanderings, and recent bonfires beautiful threads of relationships have been cultivated. Through my role in the member bios project, I have gotten the privilege of interviewing several community members and gotten to know some of the stories and deeper layers of their lives. (If you haven’t already filled out the bio form, do so here!). Participating in community workdays, joining in on the “Bee Crew” through land stewardship circle, and teaching yoga classes at the Nest have also provided spaces to connect and weave my interests, curiosities, and passions into this community and to likewise receive the support, friendship, and guidance from others which has been invaluable in making this place feel like a home away from home.

Integrating myself into an already established (yet forever evolving) community has brought with it ample opportunity for story sharing and importantly story listening. As the seasons begin to change and we are asked to create new rhythms I am encouraged to explore more deeply the history of this land, the stories she holds of this community and the ones before it. I am urged to continue to tend both to the human and more than human relationships that have blossomed here this summer and continue seeking ways of contributing myself to the soil of Common Ground.

If anyone has stories they know from the history of this piece of land and/or resources to find more of this information I would love to compile them! Feel free to share with me in person or via email! struckman87@gmail.com

In what direction is Autumn spinning you this September?


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