Delicious December Calendar & Newsletter

Delicious December Calendar & Newsletter link

Dear friends,

This fundraising letter* from the Foundation for Intentional Communities came my way a few days ago and struck a chord.  There’s a truth spoken here; that the growing polarities in our society will not be reconciled by seeking sameness, and that intentional communities have a vital role to play in creating spaces where we can live amongst differences, to learn from each other, and to stay in relationship even when we disagree. 

If this were easy to do, our world would look very different.  In the 10 years since we’ve been developing our community, we’ve tried to lean into our conflicts and come out the other side enlarged.  There have been some wonderful hits and tragic misses.  Nonetheless, it’s a vision we continue to try to actualize as we seek to build the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.**

In this wintry time of enveloping darkness, we hope you’ll come and experience some communal warmth and genuine connection with others at Common Ground–whether in-person or from afar.  How about taking a look at the December issue and choosing just one morsel, if you like, and see how it tastes and feels to you?

We look forward to growing together,

Hope, for the Governance & Training Circle


**Thanks to Charles Eisenstein for this inspiration

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