Jubilant July Almanac

Dear friends

There’s a lot to be grateful for at Common Ground Ecovillage.  New members with terrific skills and life experience are appearing at a steady pace.  We’re nearly through the pre-development engineering stage for the village and are making steady progress on achieving financing for our limited equity housing co-op.  The farm is in its high summer glory.   

Yet there are challenges aplenty as we feel the need to shift into a higher gear; evolve our systems to meet new needs; develop stronger relationships; and keep the faith that yes, we can do this, if we pool our talents and resources towards a common vision. 

This Almanac will help you to catch up and catch on to what’s happening.  Does this feel like something you want to be a part of and a world you want to help create?  If so, then let’s show up, lean in, and help strengthen each other’s hearts and will to make a real, positive difference in our lives and communities, right now. 

See you at Common Ground. 


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