Jadey June 2022 Almanac

Dear friends,

The Summer Solstice is nigh and the natural world is exploding in fullness and fertility.  The tiny buds that wintered on the tress have yielded leaf upon leaf, each unfolding, stretching, and galloping towards the sun.  Itty-bitty seeds sown in Spring’s soil have (somehow) morphed into creamy cauliflower and exuberant cabbages.  Butterflies and bees visit eager flowers of every hue.  Who can fail to be dazzled by it all?

Amid the searing tragedies in our human world, we yet have it in us to behold beauty and create connection, aliveness, and harmony.  Sometimes its so simple and other times so seemingly impossible; the obstacles within and without too great.  But, at Common Ground Ecovillage, we persist in tending to dreams planted long ago that have firmly taken root and are continuing to emerge and evolve as conditions and resources support.  

You’ll find in the pages of this Almanac so many ways to grow, learn, and express your gifts and passions in the service of a more loving way of living.  It’s not easy and certainly not always pretty, but we continue to reach towards the sun by day and the stars by night, as best we can, together. 

See you at Common Ground. 


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