Sweet September Almanac

Dear friends,

Wild persimmon trees abound on the Common Ground land.*  Long after blueberries are picked and peaches are past, these gorgeous persimmon globes begin to turn from green to bright orange.  But wait–don’t pick them yet!  They are not completely ripe until the color dulls, the skin begins to wrinkle and sag, the body becomes mushy to the touch; even until they release their hold on the bough and fall to the ground.  If you rush it and eat them too soon, you’ll end up with a very unpleasant pucker!  But if you are patient, you’ll be rewarded with the sweetest taste of autumn ever. 

Though the persimmons are taking their sweet time to ripen, our pace is quickening.  In this Almanac, you’ll see that much is coming to fruition.  Every day, we are fostering caring relationships, evolving our structures and policies, working towards building the village, growing food and stewarding our forests, tuning ourselves to the rhythms of the natural world, and receiving gifts of beauty and connection that are available to us every moment of every day. 

If you want a place at our table, we strongly encourage you to start now.  The Almanac will show you how.

See you at Common Ground. 

*Persimmon trees are dioecious, meaning that some are pollinators and some bear fruit. 

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