Neighborly November Almanac

Subject: Neighborly November 2022 Almanac
From: Hope Horton <>
Date: 10/31/2022, 6:28 PM
To: Hope Horton <>

Neighborly November Almanac

Dear friends, 

November marks the mid-point of autumn.  The first frost came early this year, laying down its sparkling veil.  Yet October was filled with light and warmth and abundance at Common Ground.  These pages reflect the fruits of years of community building, and we’re particularly happy about the many young people and children, neighbors and friends, who showed up to experience–and enrich–our outpouring of autumn offerings. 

Are we where we want to be; living in houses on the land?  Not yet.  But we can be sustained in our strivings to “get there” by the beauty, nourishment, healing, and joy that that comes with already having so much to celebrate right “here,” particularly in our deepening relationships with each other and the land. 

Though shadows lengthen and darkness falls earlier now, it’s not a time to hold back.  We hope you’ll look closely at this Almanac and choose to accept some of the invitations extended.  You’ll be very welcome.

See you at Common Ground. 

P.S.  Want to enjoy healthy and delicious vegetables grown on the land year-round by Full Table CSA?  Contact

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