Merry May Almanac

Dear friends,

Spring is a time both tender and powerful as new life wakens and stretches out of winter’s sleep. In this month’s Almanac,* you’ll get a taste of the aliveness of Spring at Common Ground—children frolicking on the farm, sweet blossoms and baby leaves unfolding out of their cozy bud-beds, and the first lip-smacking strawberries, fresh for the picking.

The growth spurts and changes of Spring are mirrored at Common Ground.  It’s a time of Great opportunity as we become more visible to the wider world through new branding and messaging (unveiling soon!).  Great challenge as we forge ahead with a vision that bucks the status quo.  Great contribution as we continue to invest time, money, and energy into creating more beautiful and life-giving ways to dwell and relate with each other and the land.

A great vision attracts great people.  We have a lot of them and need more.  You’ll find opportunities galore in these pages to visit, explore, join, relate, and offer your resources and talents to help manifest this culture-shifting Ecovillage.

Together, we’ll forge Common Ground.*formerly the Calendar/Newsletter. Here’s the link:

Elusive wood duck pair in the wetlands

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